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La Maison Bleue is situated in the green heart of the Corrèze and at the foot of the Dordogne. The house is built on a height near the village of Juillac and is surrounded by forests and hilly meadows. Nature is truly omnipresent and offers beauty, peace, pure air and a beautiful starry sky without light pollution.

The region offers many opportunities for cultural excursions and sporting activities. Because of our location, you can explore the Corrèze, Lot and Dordogne. Tourist attractions such as the picturesque Arnac-Pompadour and Hautefort, with their rich history and well-preserved monuments, are just a short drive away, while you can go to Brive-la-Gaillard for a day of pleasant shopping. The area offers a very diverse landscape with intense green valleys, steep hills, meandering rivers and picturesque villages. Of course, this area is also known for its reddish-brown Limousin cattle, which you can see grazing everywhere in the meadows and on the 'Plateau de Millevaches'.

Want to know more about the region? We are happy to help you with information about surrounding towns and villages, their attractions, restaurants, festivals and markets.