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Who are we?

Introduction? Koenraad and Véronique, at your service!

Parents of two fantastic daughters, Alizé and Maité and their partners. Grandparents of two beautiful grandchildren, twins, yes, Lio and Lars.

Always caring about people is the thread that runs through our lives.

Koenraad, first as a physiotherapist, osteopath and later as EFT Master Practitioner. Veronique, as a medical pedicure, teacher of massage techniques and also EFT Practitioner.

Now we do it in a totally different way, caring and trying to bring peace, here in 'La Douce France'. Everyone needs a break from all the rules, worries and other personal, local or worldly problems that come our way. And if you do run into them here ... we'll deal with them right away.

We offer you, together with all our knowledge, a fantastic stay. 

Our story

Always attracted by foreign countries and wandering via Germany and Austria, we, Koenraad and Véronique, finally ended up in France. Everyone who knew us was very surprised: "France"? Yes, because we rarely went to France, Austria was then very often our destination.

A short holiday in April 2016 in the Dordogne, took us completely under the spell of the French atmosphere and nonchalance. Even though the weather was bad for a whole week, something had stuck. In September that year, everything accelerated. We will tell you the details on one of our summer evenings. In November, we went on a search and unlikely enough, we found our place very quickly. February 2017, we became the owners of 'La Maison Bleue'.

Head over heels and with all our might, thanks to those who came to help us from Belgium at the time, everything was put in order to be able to open in June.

The last week, just before the first reservation, everything was ready.

After a few years of driving back and forth from France to Belgium and back, we decided to take the plunge. And it really was a leap because it all happened just before the first general lockdown by Covid-19. We sold our house and emigrated all the way to Juillac, Corrèze.

From this moment on we put everything into 'La Maison Bleue' to make you feel at home.

Onze woning